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Kitten Ailments

Common Kitten Ailments
Other Kitten Ailments


Chilling is the number one danger to newborn kittens.

A newborn kitten’s temperature may only be 98.6 degrees and will increase to 100 degrees usually within seven days. The normal temperature for a full grown cat is between 101.5 and 102.5 degrees.

If your kitten is cold to the touch the best way to warm it, is to place it next to your skin on your stomach or chest with a warm covering over it.

After seven days the kitten’s temperature can be taken and if it is below 99 degrees the kitten needs to be warmed up. Brain damage may occur if a kitten is warmed too fast or too much.

If a kitten is chilled and needs to eat, warm the kitten first and then feed it warm food. A kitten cannot process the milk correctly if it is chilled.

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