Caring 4 Kittens
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Emergency Care


All of these sections inform you of what should be done until a veterinarian can be seen. It is strongly suggested that a veterinarian be seen as soon as is possible. It is also recommended that a first aid kit be maintained for emergencies. Always replace materials and medications after they have been used.

Materials and Equipment

Gauze bandages, 1” and 2” rolls (1 each)
Gauze dressing pads, 3” x 3” (8)
Adhesive tape1” roll (1)
Roll of cotton wool (1)
Triangular bandage (1)
Rectal thermometer (1)
Cotton balls (6)
Tweezers (1)
Magnifying glass (1)
Scissors (1)
Penlight flashlight (1)


3% hydrogen peroxide (2 oz.)
Milk of Magnesia tablets, 5 gm (10)
Activated charcoal tablets (20)
Kaolin mixture (2 oz.)
Antibacterial ointment
For eye, 1/8 oz. tube (1)
For skin, 1/8 oz. tube (1)
Rubbing alcohol (2 oz.)

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