Caring 4 Kittens
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Getting Started

Protecting Your Resident Pets

When bringing a foster animal into your home, please keep in mind that it may be carrying an illness that could affect your resident animalsí health. Foster animals should be separated from your own pets for at least for one week or longer if they show any signs of illness, and preferably for the duration of the foster.

Your resident pets should be current on their vaccinations before bringing kittens into your home.

If your foster animal seems healthy and you do choose to introduce him/her to your resident pets, it is a good idea to prohibit the sharing of food and water bowls, litter boxes and toys.

Any introduction should be made with great care and under constant supervision, especially if you are planning to introduce a protective momcat to your resident pets.

After handling foster animals, it is always a good idea to wash your hands with soap (Dawn Original Scent soap is the best) and water. You may also want to wear a smock over your clothes when handling foster kittens. These precautions will further reduce the possibility of exposing your pets and foster pets.

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