Caring 4 Kittens
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Kitten Care

Taking your Kittens Temperature

You will need a baby rectal thermometer to take your kittens temperature. Coat it with Vaseline before trying to insert it in their rectum.

Place your kitten on a table or other level platform, hold your kitten’s tail up with one hand, and insert the thermometer into the rectum with a firm, gentle push. You may feel some resistance to the thermometer just after you pass it through the anus; this is due to the kitten’s sphincter muscle. When you encounter this resistance just continue to push gently but firmly until the muscle relaxes and allows the thermometer to pass.

If your kitten will not stand still long enough and there is not a second person to hold the kitten still, scruff him/her by the neck instead of holding the tail.

How far you need to insert the thermometer depends on the size of the kitten – a ˝ inch to an inch is usually sufficient.

To remove the thermometer, roll it back and forth between your fingers.

A kitten’s temperature should normally be between 101.0 and 102.5 degrees.

If the thermometer is dirty when you remove it from the rectum, that can lower the temperature.

Smaller kittens temperatures can drop fast. Make sure they are on a heating pad or held next to your stomach until they warm up. Never warm them up too fast by placing them on something hot as this can cause brain damage.

A kitten’s temperature tends to fluctuate depending on factors such as exercise, excitement, and high or low environment temperature.

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