Caring 4 Kittens
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What Needs To Be Done

Testing for Diseases


All kittens should be tested for FELV. Testing can be at any time as long as the kitten can withstand the loss of blood needed to perform the test.. Although a false positive can occur it is not likely. If a positive result does occur than a FELV IFA test should be done to confirm. This is a test for the virus on white blood cells. Mother can pass the FELV virus to their unborn kittens.

The test for FIV detects the antibodies in a cats system as opposed to checking for the virus itself. A mother can pass these antibodies to their unborn kittens, although the virus itself is not usually transmitted. The kitten can give a false positive for up to 6 months after birth. The most common way FIV is transmitted to other cats is by deep, penetrating bites.


A general check up should be performed on new kittens. The kitten should be checked for at least the following ringworm, fleas, and ear mites. Most rescue kittens will have intestinal parasites and a stool sample should be taken.

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