Caring 4 Kittens
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Kitten Care

Trimming your Kittens Nails

To trim kittens nails you can use fingernail clippers, small scissors, or clippers from a pet store made especially for clipping feline nails.

Some kittens will let you trim their nails with no problem while other kittens you may have to wrap in a towel to keep him/her still.

To get him/her used to the process you can gently massage their toes so that they get used to being handled in this manner.

Hold their paw in one hand and gently press down at the base of the nail to extend it. Clip the white portion only never clip down to where you start seeing pink. If you clip too far down it is painful for the kitten and may start to bleed.

If the kittens nail does bleed there are substances you can purchase at any pet store, or apply slight pressure to stop the bleeding. If it continues to bleed see a veterinarian. You should not normally see blood when clipping nails except when nails are clipped too close to the base of the nail.

A kittens nails can be trimmed as young as two weeks of age. They can also be trimmed every two weeks.

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